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The Rose Garden of Fukushima


Behind The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster:  One Man’s Story of Despondency and Resilience.


The Rose Garden of Fukushima, presented with 146 photographs taken by amateur photographers (except on pp. 52 & 102) before and after the disaster, speak for all lives and livelihoods lost in the tragic events of the Great Tohoku Earthquake of  March 11th 2011 that devastated so much of northern Japan.


It is both a bitter story of paradise lost to catastrophic human errors and ravages of Nature, but is also one of the vast and limitless strength of the human heart to heal and hope.             

“The incredible tale of Katz Okada and his Fukushima rose garden as told here by Maya Moore is one of those stories of hope and how it was found through a personal journey and with the help of others.  The book, told through beautiful photos of his famous roses in Fukushima, tells the story of both the creation of Okada-san’s dream garden and its sudden abandonment. It gives you a small window into what the people of Tohoku faced in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy that robbed many of family, home, and dreams, the resilient spirit in which they responded, and the hope that emerged."



- Forward by John V. Roos, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, 2009-2013




“I want to share my enthusiasm for this book. It is a worthy, wonderful, and heartfelt story, beautifully told and gorgeously presented. Like the visitors at Chako’s first gallery exhibition, I found myself near tears as the harsh reality of the garden’s fate became clear to me. Throughout the book, the photography is magnificent. Just by looking at the pictures, my olfactory memory could conjure up fragrances in my head.”


-Mary Ord, Editorial Consultant


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